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May 03, 2022 00:23:41
Episode 26: Your Business, Your Bank & Your Receivables Insurance Policy

Episode 26: Your Business, Your Bank & Your Receivables Insurance Policy

When a business is looking for financing there are a number of things a bank must consider to determine their credit worthiness and having a receivables insurance policy can be very beneficial. On this episode of TradeSecurely we look at the benefits a trade credit policy can provide to both the business and the banker […] ...



February 04, 2022 00:24:54
Episode 25: A Generalist Broker Asks About  the Receivables Insurance Opportunity

Episode 25: A Generalist Broker Asks About the Receivables Insurance Opportunity

What a Generalist Broker Wants to Know About Receivables Insurance Greg Rozdeba, President of DundasLife is guest host on the TradeSecurely podcast to ask John Middleton, RIAC Chair & V.P. Complex Risk and Trade Credit at Hub Intl. questions about Receivables Insurance from a Generalist Broker’s perspective. He asks questions to find out how generalist […] ...



October 19, 2021 00:35:44
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Episode 24: Getting a Measure on the Economy

2021 – Year Two: Canada in a COVID World In 2021 we have seen rising inflation, global supply chain bottlenecks and disruptions, as well as ballooning public debt. Though the world is getting back to work, COVID continues to morph into new variants offering more uncertainty. On this episode of the TradeSecurely podcast, three economists discuss all of the above as we get a measure on the economy.  Our guests are Ruben Nizard, the Coface economist for the North America Region, Dan North the Senior Economist, North America for Euler Hermes and Peter Hall the Chief Economist at Export Development Canada. Episode#24 Promos Watch the Full Show Listen to the Full Show ...



June 15, 2021 00:34:58
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Episode 23: Credit Management Perspectives

The View from the Credit Manager & the Underwriter If you have ever wondered how a credit manager or an underwriter evaluates risk have a listen to this podcast. Long time credit manager Dave Lundrigan and Damian Di Perna, AVP of Risk Underwriting at Euler Hermes, share how they view risk and endeavour to find risk mitigation and insurance solutions that work for, and benefit, everyone. Listen to The Show Transcript ...



April 13, 2021 00:32:21
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Episode 22: The Navigator

“To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.” – Oscar Wild Those in business know that the unexpected does happen and having a team of advisors and supporters to help you through the challenges is a wise idea.  On the TradeSecurely podcast we help Canadian businesses succeed and grow by sharing ideas to help them trade securely at home and abroad. On this edition of the show we are looking at the value the specialist broker provides to Canadian business owners and generalist insurance brokers when guiding them through the receivables insurance process. RIAC broker members Michelle Davy (CreditAssur), Mark Hall (Elevate Global Insurance) and John Middleton (Global Credit Risk Management – GCRM) provide their perspectives and stories from the trenches. Transcript Full Show ...



October 01, 2020 00:41:14
Episode 21: The Retail Roller Coaster

Episode 21: The Retail Roller Coaster Being in retail in the 21st century is not for the faint of heart. Like a rollercoaster there is a steady stream of ups and downs and in recent years the way customers shop and the way retail operates has dramatically changed. A retail report from Deloitte had called for a modest acceleration in household expenditure, with retail sales expected to rise by roughly 5 percent in 2020. The only real challenge to that seemed to be household debt levels. Then came COVID-19 and the global shutdowns. On this episode of the TradeSecurely podcast it's a panel discussion on the current state of the sector with a look to the coming holiday season. Janet Eastman is joined by 3 guests. Stephen Georgetti is VP, Director, Information & Grading, Euler Hermes North America and Matt Cobo is VP, Retail Industry Manager, Euler Hermes. Matt and Stephen provide insights from the trade credit insurance provider perspective. Michael Sullo is Vice President, OneSource Risk Management Canada. He is a broker of Credit Insurance and Risk Mitigation products whose clients sell their products to retailers. He provides perspective on the challenges they are facing. Transcript ...